Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce, an Innovator in offering Cloud-based Solutions is also the undisputed leader in the CPM space. Salesforce packages and after various
CRM Functions and Features such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce as separate yet well-integrated modules an the SAAS Platform_
Salesforce products are viewed by the Global user community as Solutions that promote a high degree
of Customer Engagement, Automation and Analytics.

What does Salesforce CRM Do?

  • CRM enables the centralization of all customer-related data in one location. This makes the information available to everyone in the firm whenever they need it.
  • It assists in keeping track of all client interactions that the business has, including chats, emails, SMS, and phone calls.
  • CRM streamlines the sales process, accelerating transaction closure for your sales force. The sales team has a proper roadmap from CRM to complete deals.
  • CRM allows you to produce accurate estimates because it predicts sales rather accurately.
  • CRM enables you to anticipate client demands so that you are ready when they contact you..