support services

Managed support services

The practice of managed services is contracting out the maintenance and predictability of numerous procedures and duties,
JDE support services apparently with the aim of boosting operations and lowering budget
expenses by removing directly employed employees.

  • Full onsite support

  • Full offshore support

  • Onsite-offshore support

  • 24X7 managed services

  • CNC support

  • Functional support

  • Technical development support

  • DBA support

  • Third party integrations and automation support

  • Business intelligence & analytics

  • Network/ security administrators

  • Messaging infrastructure management

  • Server based computing infra management

  • Web services, mobility and orchestrators

  • Integration with legacy systems

  • System administration services

  • Performance and event monitoring

  • Application managed services

  • Disaster recovery design and implementations

  • Data purging

  • Trainings

  • Database administration and security performance tuning

  • Security & audit administrations

  • Disaster recovery & high availability systems

  • Specialized engineer

  • Solaris/ windows/ linux